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August 28, 2013

DUMAGUETE CITY, PHILIPPINES - The Odd Fellows of Dumaguete City, Philippines, celebrates the 2013 Hibalag Booth Festival of Silliman University as the "Most Outstanding Organization" (TOP 1) among 71 organizations recognized by Silliman University, during the year 2012-2013. Ranking top 3 last year, the fraternity is consistent in being one of the outstanding organizations recognized by Silliman University.

Once looked-down upon by some people because of its down-to-earth character during its early revival, the fraternity now has gained a credible status. Older members still remind its members to stay humble and just focus on doing good deeds and just avoid competition with other organizations for the sake of ranking. Members were surprised to find out that their lodge was ranked number 1 in the list of organizations because none of them really aimed for it. The rank was simply achieved because of the vast humanitarian projects that the lodges organized at that year.  
Members of Samahang Sillimanian Lodge no.3 gathered for a fellowship dinner at the booth.

Within four years after the revival of the fraternity in the Philippines, the Odd Fellows now have 5 lodges in the Philippines and over 300 members. Membership is composed of a mixture of college students, professionals and some retirees. Since 2009, the fraternity has also spent over 3 million from donations across the world for charitable and relief efforts to relieve victims of natural disasters that hit the country through the years. As of 2013, the fraternity is also raising enough funds to build the first "Odd Fellows Hall and Community Center" in Dumaguete to cater to the needs of the community as well as venue for fund-raising efforts to support the progress and charitable efforts of the organization in the following years.


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