Friday, 27 May 2011

Tree Planting at Lake Balinsasayao

January 22, 2011

LAKE BALINSASAYO, NEGROS ORIENTAL, PHILIPPINES - The Silliman University School of Public Affairs and Governance in partnership with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1, and Ang Sandigan organized an environmental activity consisting of lectures about the environment and a tree planting as answer to climate change and degradation of Philippines forests.

Brother Anatoly Karpov Buss, a local environmentalist and currently teaching at the School of Public Affairs and Governance, believe that environmentalism such as tree planting and clean-up drives be practiced and promoted. And that, the government, youth and other sectors should work together to mitigate the negative effects of deforestation and climate change.

The day was started with three lectures about the natural water systems, causes and the degree of deforestation which was shocking. It was mentioned that more than 90% of the forests are already gone. Therefore, there is a need of planting more trees.
The day was then concluded by planting trees in the location. It was a success!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Helping Gawad Kalinga Transform Bantayan Island

April 4-9, 2011

BANTAYAN ISLAND, PHILIPPINES - With the financial assistance from Brother David Burns, Grand Master of the Odd Fellows in Michigan, and Odd Fellows Davis Lodge 169 in California, the Odd Fellows Lodge in Dumaguete was able to help provide one box of food supplies for both Team Negros Oriental and Team Silliman University during the one-week 'Kalinga sa Bayan' nation-building event organized by Gawad Kalinga Foundation. Brother John Carlo Buhia, Louie Sarmiento and Sister Maria Katrina Mercado together with brothers Joseph Ceriales and Jun Martinez of Gawad Kalinga Foundation and several others from the province of Negros Oriental also participated in the event which aims to transform Bantayan Island into a paradise.

The aim of Gawad Kalinga Foundation is to build viable and sustainable communities by people with faith and patriotism, driven by a culture of caring and sharing and are dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity. Their mission is to work together with the rich, the poor, the privileged, the oppressed, the government, Non-government organizations and corporations in ending poverty for 5 million families by 2024. Numerous national and international corporations and organizations are supporting the cause and many of these groups already sponsored Gawad Kalinga Villages.

"The Filipino principle of 'Bayanihan' is very similar to Odd Fellowship. Both aim to teach a culture of caring and sharing. Someday, maybe we can raise funds to sponsor a GK village and name it GK Odd Fellows Village. What is good about this project is it's not about charity. It is beyond that. It's about empowering people and assuring a viable and sustainable development. It is good to see that a number of our brothers and sisters in the lodge are getting good lessons while helping out through this altruistic partnership", said Brother Louie.
A total of approximately 1700 volunteers representing five countries attended the event. Volunteers spent this one week building homes for the homeless and less fortunate, educating and playing games with the local children, cleaning the sea shores, planting trees, and repainting classrooms. Brother John and Louie, together with 3 other teammates, also represented Team Negros Oriental during the 'Bayani Challenge' which they received 4,000 Philippine Peso in cash for finishing third place among 20 teams.

"It was indeed a heroic event that is worth the time and effort. We can't wait to participate again next year", said Brother John.

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Odd Fellows Fraternity in Cagayan de Oro City Receives Charter

November 19, 2010

Sovereign Grand Master George Glover III and Past Sovereign Grand Master Paul Cuminale arrived in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, to turn-over the charter of Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Mindanaon Lodge no.2.

In lieu of their visitation, a gala night was held 6:00 pm at Apple tree Resort Hotel. Brothers George and Paul were warmly welcomed and a presentation of the lodge’s recent projects was shown. Afterwards, the charter was received by Noble Grand Vencent Seth Ofngol and Vice Grand Jose Mari Regalado. In return, members of Mindanaon Lodge gave a token of appreciation. The event successfully ended at 10:00 pm.

For Kapatirang Mindanaon Lodge no.2 members, the event wasn’t just a turn-over of charter, it was a memorable one. The worldwide bond of friendship between Odd Fellows was inculcated in their hearts. They concluded “We are Odd fellows, we are Mindanaon lodge no.2!”

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Helping GK Dumaguete with the Toy Drive

March 26, 2011

DUMAGUETE CITY, PHILIPPINES – Brothers Rex Olpoc, Cyril Plantilla, Louie Sarmiento and Sister Karmen Arenas of Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1 volunteered to help Gawad Kalinga Dumaguete distribute toys donated by Shell for GK Village Children.

Brother Cyril offered his car to be used to transport boxes of toys from one GK village to the other making it possible for the toys to be distributed to three GK villages in one morning. Aside from the toy distribution, the lodge also distributed free lollipops for the kids.

“It was a simple way of helping out. After all, this is what we are about” said Sister Karmen. Afterwards, the brothers, sister and friends in GK Dumaguete went to a restaurant together to eat lunch and a simple way of fellowship.

Landscaping, Free BP Taking and Mass Feeding

May 7, 2011

MALAUNAY, VALENCIA, PHILIPPINES - Members and candidates for membership of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1, in Dumaguete City decided to organize a 3-in-1 altruistic activity that would benefit Gawad Kalinga Malaunay Village and its future residents.

This event was organized in lieu of the GK village's turn-over sometime this June 2011. Members of the Odd Fellows lodge in Dumaguete City volunteered to help with the landscaping together with volunteers from Teletech, GKAL, SIGA and the soon-to-be residents of village. Because there were lodge members who are nurses and nursing students, the lodge also decided to conduct free Blood Pressure taking and health teaching on the site. Furthermore, the lodge's candidates for membership also sponsored a mass feeding which fed almost everyone in the village.
Sister Fionna Chuang ended the day saying to herself, "Did some charity work at the GK site in Valencia. It was a good way to spend a Saturday morning. Right, bros and sis?" For most of the brothers and sisters who attended the activity, it was not just about doing charity, it was a day of strengthening and 'making friendships while helping people.'

Post-Christmas Food and Clothing Donation for the Unfortunate

February 20, 2011

DUMAGUETE CITY, PHILIPPINES - The Silliman University School of Public Affairs and Governance in partnership with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1, conducted a post-Christmas Outreach program at Dumaguete City Cathedral.

Brother Anatoly Karpov Buss opened the activity with a welcome remark while Brother Pell Namocatcat, who is studying to be a pastor, led the prayer. The two groups distributed packs consisting of canned goods, biscuits, soups, bathing and laundry soap, and shampoos to orphaned children and unfortunate elderly. Used clothings were also donated. About a hundred children and less fortunate elderly were assisted in this event.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

'Noche Buena’ Package Giving, Free Snacks and Used Clothing Donation

December 24, 2011

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, PHILIPPINES – In lieu of the Christmas Day Celebration, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Mindanaon Lodge no.2, conducted a ‘Noche Buena’ package giving, free snacks and used clothing donation to less fortunate people in the city.

Brother Jose Mari G. Regalado concluded saying "Nince one Team! Everybody had fun and the kids were happy. I know we made them feel very very happy. Thanks to those who participated." 

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Odd Fellows Dumaguete Beach Outing, Initiatory Degree and Awarding Ceremony

May 14, 2011

DUMAGUETE CITY, PHILIPPINES - Members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1, went to Wuthering Heights Beach Resort in San Jose, Negros Oriental, for a beach outing, team-building activity, conferral of the initiatory degree and awarding ceremony.

Nearly 40 brothers and sisters attended and the day was started with fun activities and challenges that aim to teach new members initiative, trust and teamwork. When asked what they have learned from the activities, Sister Ivana Mae Canlas said, "No guts, no glory. Work as a team, not individually. Take time to listen. Trust one another. Do things at your best". After the games, pork, chicken and fish barbecue was served for lunch along with 'pancit palabok' and a cake. Then, members played Frisbee, went swimming and diving while some just sat along the shores to relax.

By 3:00 PM, about 30 brothers, sisters and candidates proceeded to the function hall for the conferral of the Initiatory degree. Brother Rex Olpoc, the incoming Noble Grand, presided the ceremony while sister Karmen Arenas served as Vice Grand. In lieu of the lodge's aim to set a good standard, Brother Louie Sarmiento, who was acting Conductor during the ceremony, delivered the charges through memory. New brothers and sisters accepted were Justin Alexis Flores, Hener John Limbaga, Mark Abelito Elnar, Fionna May Chuang, Sheema Bajana, Jan Rey Ramirez, Ivana Mae Canlas and Abigail Mendoza.

A 'sing-and-dance' presentation by the new brothers and sisters came next and the awarding ceremony followed. Brothers Rex Olpoc, Kahlil Reu Reyes, Cyril Jaymes Plantilla, Armel Cabale and Sisters Karmen Arenas and Maria Katrina Mercado received the 'Medallion of Honor Award' as recognition and grateful acknowledgement of their Distinguished Loyalty, Commitment and Service to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood. On the other hand, Brother Kahlil Reu Reyes, who was Noble Grand of the 2010-2011 term, and Sister Karmen Arenas, who was Vice Grand of the 2010-2011 term, were awarded the ‘Most Outstanding member Award’ for their outstanding effort and contributions to the Lodge and its activities. Brothers Ivan delos Santos, Joseph Ian Parreño, Cyril Jaymes Plantilla and Armel Cabale also received the 'Pioneer Award' as recognition for their invaluable efforts and contributions during the early re-formation of the Fraternity. Lastly, Sister Frencille Tabaloc and Brother Jerzon Cañolas received an ‘Award of Recognition’ for their commendable time and support for the activities of the lodge during the the 2011-2011 term. “I had so much fun with brothers and sisters...” said Brother Joseph Ian Parreño. Sister Ivana Canlas, on the other hand, ended the day saying “Thanks! You made our day”.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Decorah Odd Fellows to show off new lodge

DECORAH - The Winneshiek Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodge 58 will hold an open house in its new quarters Sunday.

It is an opportunity for the public to see its new facilities and learn about the fraternal organization, according to Odd Fellows Trustee Duane Vine.

The group has moved from its previous location above T-Bocks to 326 Washington St., formerly the Fashion Floor Center, across the street from the Social Security office. The event will be from 1 to 4 p.m. and will include musical entertainment, refreshments and door prizes.

"We want people to come see what Odd Fellows is about and visit our new lodge," Vine said.

Odd Fellows recently purchased the building, which has three apartments on the second floor. The lodge, which includes a full kitchen, will be available for the public to rent for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.

The history of the Odd Fellows in Winneshiek County goes back to 1854. Today there are about 50 members, according to Vine, who was grand master of the Odd Fellows Lodge of Iowa from 2003-04. He noted the Odd Fellows is the only fraternal organization allowed to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, as provided for by President Franklin Roosevelt, who was a member of the organization.

In 18th century England, it was odd to find people organized for the purpose of giving aid to those in need and pursuing projects for the benefit of all mankind, according to a brochure on the IOOF.

"Those who belong to such an organization were called 'odd fellows.' Odd Fellows are also known as the Three Link Fraternity, which stands for friendship, love and truth," the brochure states.

Today, Odd Fellows is a worldwide fraternal order with more than 10,000 lodges in 25 countries involved in a variety of civic and philanthropic efforts.

Anyone interested in joining the Decorah Odd Fellows should contact Vine, 382-2760; or Dean Holzer, 382-4909.


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