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Odd Fellows in Dumaguete Installs New Officers and Forms New Lodge

September 17, 2011

DUMAGUETE CITY, PHILIPPINES – The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1 and Samahang Sillimanian Lodge no.3, held a joint-installation of officers at Café Antonio Function Hall.

A total of 45 members attended the event. The installing officers were Brother Joseph Ian Parreno (Installing Past Grand), Louie Blake Sarmiento (Installing Noble Grand), Sister Maria Katrina Mercado (Installing Marshall), Sister Karmen Amparo Arenas (Installing Warden), Sister Frencille Tabaloc (Installing Secretary), Sister Christyriz Tolosa (Installing Treasurer) and Sister Rena Vey Flores (Installing Chaplain).

The officers installed for Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1 were Brother Rex Boyson Olpoc (Noble Grand), Brother John Carlo Buhia (Vice Grand), Brother Anatoly Karpov Buss (Immediate Past Grand), Brother Kennith Misamis (Secretary), Brother Hener John Limbaga (Financial Secretary), Brother Eric Sanchez (Treasurer), Brother Answer Arquio (Warden), Brother Antonio Torres (Conductor), Brother Jesse Emmanuel Garcia (RSNG), Sister Christyriz Marietchen Tolosa (LSNG), Brother Rolando Martinez, Jr. (RSVG), Brother Joseph Ceriales (LSVG), Brother Armel Cabale (Chaplain), Brother Lemeul Culminas (Left Scene Supporter), Brother Willand Joe Uy (Right Scene Supporter), Brother Reiden Lopez (Color Bearer), Brother Adrian Mark Bonocan (Inside Guardian), Brother Matthew Guevara (Outside Guardian).

The officers installed for Samahang Sillimanian Lodge no.3 were Brother Paulo Pocholo Grande (Noble Grand), Sister Ivana Mae Canlas (Vice Grand), Brother Kahlil Reu Reyes (Past Grand), Sister Rochelle Cepe (Recording Secretary), Sister Sheila Lyn Francisco (Financial Secretary), Sister Maelene Bastillada (Treasurer), Brother Deo Somoza (Warden), Brother Genesis Ege ( RSNG), Sister Abigail Mendoza (LSNG), Sister Fionna Mae Chuang (RSVG), Sister Cherry Mae Gumapac (LSVG), Brother Gil Earl Galileo Bation (Chaplain), Brother Sheema Bajana (Conductor), Brother Jerzon Cañolas (Color Bearer), Brother Don Carlo Olpoc (Right Scene Supporter) and Brother Raymund Fabillar (Left Scene Supporter. The first one year and several months since Odd Fellowship was revived in the Philippines was not just all about success. There were several challenges and obstacles outside and inside the Order. There were some misunderstandings and even conflict of ideas in terms of how to run the organization but it is a good news that the organization is now in a state of harmony and working towards sustainable development. The formation of the third lodge within the city is a vision by the past leaders of Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1 to be able to maximize what the Order can do in the City. 

The first one year and several months since Odd Fellowship was revived in the Philippines was not just all about success. There were several challenges and obstacles outside and inside the Order. There were some misunderstandings and even conflict of ideas in terms of how to run the organization but it is a good news that the organization is now in a state of harmony and working towards sustainable development. The formation of the third lodge within the city is a vision by the past leaders of Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1 to be able to maximize what the Order can do in the City.

“The aim here is not to tear apart the Odd Fellows in our City but to maximize what we can do as an Order. We have approximately 86 members within the city. With one lodge, not all are working for the Order. With distributed and delegated leadership, we can accomplish more. Usually groups that have about 30 members will no longer be that effective because some people will feel useless because they hold no responsibilities in the lodge. As a result, these members will either stop attending meetings or even leave the organization. It is very important that we imply to our members that they are important and they are needed. Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1 will focus on the activities of the Dumaguete City community while Samahang Sillimanian Lodge no.3 will focus on answering the needs and attending activities in Silliman University community. We will soon open another lodge in Negros Oriental State University community so that there will also Odd Fellows there who can make a difference. But these lodges will also conduct joint activities every year so everyone from different lodges in the City will still know each other” said Brother Louie Sarmiento.

The opening of Samahang Lodge no.3 is also an answer to the time differences of members who are already professionals and graduates who do not have that much free time and those who are still college students and have more free time. With more than one lodge, professional and graduate members can set a mutually-convenient meeting date while college student members will also have their own mutually-convenient meeting date.

After the public installing ceremony and institution of Samahang Sillimanian Lodge no.3, the members viewed a re-arranged version of an Odd Fellows video that contains clips gathered from various Odd Fellow videos found on the internet. Afterwards, brothers and sisters enjoyed a small dinner fellowship. “The event is full of enthusiasm and excitement. The brothers and sisters are willing to continue the search for lifelong friendship, love and truth” said brother Anatoly Karpov Buss.

It was a success!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Kapatirang Mindanaon Lodge no.2 celebrated first lodge anniversary

May 30, 2011

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, PHILIPPINES - Brothers and sisters of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Mindanaon Lodge no.2, celebrated their first lodge anniversary with an act of making a difference.

They started the day by going to church to express their faith and to thank God for the friendship and fraternity. Afterwards, they traveled to the mountains of Cagayan de Oro and hiked for 2 hours and crossed 8 rivers while carrying several kilos of food items and used clothing to reach out and help an indigenous Filipino group, the Higaonons, who reside in the remote parts of the province and thought they were a 'Nobody'. The goal of Kapatirang Mindanaon lodge no.2 was to show that they are cared and their fellow Filipinos from the City are willing to help them in ways possible.

The Lodge distributed grocery items and also donated used clothing. Afterwards, they had a fellowship meal with the native Higaonons. The day was concluded saying "Tiring but it was all worth it..everyone gave their time and effort for our 1st anniversary charity event. Another Mindanaon lodge original..." A job well done brothers and sisters!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Tree Planting at Lake Balinsasayao

January 22, 2011

LAKE BALINSASAYO, NEGROS ORIENTAL, PHILIPPINES - The Silliman University School of Public Affairs and Governance in partnership with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1, and Ang Sandigan organized an environmental activity consisting of lectures about the environment and a tree planting as answer to climate change and degradation of Philippines forests.

Brother Anatoly Karpov Buss, a local environmentalist and currently teaching at the School of Public Affairs and Governance, believe that environmentalism such as tree planting and clean-up drives be practiced and promoted. And that, the government, youth and other sectors should work together to mitigate the negative effects of deforestation and climate change.

The day was started with three lectures about the natural water systems, causes and the degree of deforestation which was shocking. It was mentioned that more than 90% of the forests are already gone. Therefore, there is a need of planting more trees.
The day was then concluded by planting trees in the location. It was a success!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Helping Gawad Kalinga Transform Bantayan Island

April 4-9, 2011

BANTAYAN ISLAND, PHILIPPINES - With the financial assistance from Brother David Burns, Grand Master of the Odd Fellows in Michigan, and Odd Fellows Davis Lodge 169 in California, the Odd Fellows Lodge in Dumaguete was able to help provide one box of food supplies for both Team Negros Oriental and Team Silliman University during the one-week 'Kalinga sa Bayan' nation-building event organized by Gawad Kalinga Foundation. Brother John Carlo Buhia, Louie Sarmiento and Sister Maria Katrina Mercado together with brothers Joseph Ceriales and Jun Martinez of Gawad Kalinga Foundation and several others from the province of Negros Oriental also participated in the event which aims to transform Bantayan Island into a paradise.

The aim of Gawad Kalinga Foundation is to build viable and sustainable communities by people with faith and patriotism, driven by a culture of caring and sharing and are dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity. Their mission is to work together with the rich, the poor, the privileged, the oppressed, the government, Non-government organizations and corporations in ending poverty for 5 million families by 2024. Numerous national and international corporations and organizations are supporting the cause and many of these groups already sponsored Gawad Kalinga Villages.

"The Filipino principle of 'Bayanihan' is very similar to Odd Fellowship. Both aim to teach a culture of caring and sharing. Someday, maybe we can raise funds to sponsor a GK village and name it GK Odd Fellows Village. What is good about this project is it's not about charity. It is beyond that. It's about empowering people and assuring a viable and sustainable development. It is good to see that a number of our brothers and sisters in the lodge are getting good lessons while helping out through this altruistic partnership", said Brother Louie.
A total of approximately 1700 volunteers representing five countries attended the event. Volunteers spent this one week building homes for the homeless and less fortunate, educating and playing games with the local children, cleaning the sea shores, planting trees, and repainting classrooms. Brother John and Louie, together with 3 other teammates, also represented Team Negros Oriental during the 'Bayani Challenge' which they received 4,000 Philippine Peso in cash for finishing third place among 20 teams.

"It was indeed a heroic event that is worth the time and effort. We can't wait to participate again next year", said Brother John.

For more information about Gawad Kalinga:
For more information about the Odd Fellows:
For more information about the Odd Fellows Philippines:

Odd Fellows Fraternity in Cagayan de Oro City Receives Charter

November 19, 2010

Sovereign Grand Master George Glover III and Past Sovereign Grand Master Paul Cuminale arrived in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, to turn-over the charter of Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Mindanaon Lodge no.2.

In lieu of their visitation, a gala night was held 6:00 pm at Apple tree Resort Hotel. Brothers George and Paul were warmly welcomed and a presentation of the lodge’s recent projects was shown. Afterwards, the charter was received by Noble Grand Vencent Seth Ofngol and Vice Grand Jose Mari Regalado. In return, members of Mindanaon Lodge gave a token of appreciation. The event successfully ended at 10:00 pm.

For Kapatirang Mindanaon Lodge no.2 members, the event wasn’t just a turn-over of charter, it was a memorable one. The worldwide bond of friendship between Odd Fellows was inculcated in their hearts. They concluded “We are Odd fellows, we are Mindanaon lodge no.2!”

For more information about the fraternity:

Helping GK Dumaguete with the Toy Drive

March 26, 2011

DUMAGUETE CITY, PHILIPPINES – Brothers Rex Olpoc, Cyril Plantilla, Louie Sarmiento and Sister Karmen Arenas of Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1 volunteered to help Gawad Kalinga Dumaguete distribute toys donated by Shell for GK Village Children.

Brother Cyril offered his car to be used to transport boxes of toys from one GK village to the other making it possible for the toys to be distributed to three GK villages in one morning. Aside from the toy distribution, the lodge also distributed free lollipops for the kids.

“It was a simple way of helping out. After all, this is what we are about” said Sister Karmen. Afterwards, the brothers, sister and friends in GK Dumaguete went to a restaurant together to eat lunch and a simple way of fellowship.

Landscaping, Free BP Taking and Mass Feeding

May 7, 2011

MALAUNAY, VALENCIA, PHILIPPINES - Members and candidates for membership of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1, in Dumaguete City decided to organize a 3-in-1 altruistic activity that would benefit Gawad Kalinga Malaunay Village and its future residents.

This event was organized in lieu of the GK village's turn-over sometime this June 2011. Members of the Odd Fellows lodge in Dumaguete City volunteered to help with the landscaping together with volunteers from Teletech, GKAL, SIGA and the soon-to-be residents of village. Because there were lodge members who are nurses and nursing students, the lodge also decided to conduct free Blood Pressure taking and health teaching on the site. Furthermore, the lodge's candidates for membership also sponsored a mass feeding which fed almost everyone in the village.
Sister Fionna Chuang ended the day saying to herself, "Did some charity work at the GK site in Valencia. It was a good way to spend a Saturday morning. Right, bros and sis?" For most of the brothers and sisters who attended the activity, it was not just about doing charity, it was a day of strengthening and 'making friendships while helping people.'

Post-Christmas Food and Clothing Donation for the Unfortunate

February 20, 2011

DUMAGUETE CITY, PHILIPPINES - The Silliman University School of Public Affairs and Governance in partnership with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1, conducted a post-Christmas Outreach program at Dumaguete City Cathedral.

Brother Anatoly Karpov Buss opened the activity with a welcome remark while Brother Pell Namocatcat, who is studying to be a pastor, led the prayer. The two groups distributed packs consisting of canned goods, biscuits, soups, bathing and laundry soap, and shampoos to orphaned children and unfortunate elderly. Used clothings were also donated. About a hundred children and less fortunate elderly were assisted in this event.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

'Noche Buena’ Package Giving, Free Snacks and Used Clothing Donation

December 24, 2011

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, PHILIPPINES – In lieu of the Christmas Day Celebration, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Mindanaon Lodge no.2, conducted a ‘Noche Buena’ package giving, free snacks and used clothing donation to less fortunate people in the city.

Brother Jose Mari G. Regalado concluded saying "Nince one Team! Everybody had fun and the kids were happy. I know we made them feel very very happy. Thanks to those who participated." 

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Odd Fellows Dumaguete Beach Outing, Initiatory Degree and Awarding Ceremony

May 14, 2011

DUMAGUETE CITY, PHILIPPINES - Members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Watchdog Lodge no.1, went to Wuthering Heights Beach Resort in San Jose, Negros Oriental, for a beach outing, team-building activity, conferral of the initiatory degree and awarding ceremony.

Nearly 40 brothers and sisters attended and the day was started with fun activities and challenges that aim to teach new members initiative, trust and teamwork. When asked what they have learned from the activities, Sister Ivana Mae Canlas said, "No guts, no glory. Work as a team, not individually. Take time to listen. Trust one another. Do things at your best". After the games, pork, chicken and fish barbecue was served for lunch along with 'pancit palabok' and a cake. Then, members played Frisbee, went swimming and diving while some just sat along the shores to relax.

By 3:00 PM, about 30 brothers, sisters and candidates proceeded to the function hall for the conferral of the Initiatory degree. Brother Rex Olpoc, the incoming Noble Grand, presided the ceremony while sister Karmen Arenas served as Vice Grand. In lieu of the lodge's aim to set a good standard, Brother Louie Sarmiento, who was acting Conductor during the ceremony, delivered the charges through memory. New brothers and sisters accepted were Justin Alexis Flores, Hener John Limbaga, Mark Abelito Elnar, Fionna May Chuang, Sheema Bajana, Jan Rey Ramirez, Ivana Mae Canlas and Abigail Mendoza.

A 'sing-and-dance' presentation by the new brothers and sisters came next and the awarding ceremony followed. Brothers Rex Olpoc, Kahlil Reu Reyes, Cyril Jaymes Plantilla, Armel Cabale and Sisters Karmen Arenas and Maria Katrina Mercado received the 'Medallion of Honor Award' as recognition and grateful acknowledgement of their Distinguished Loyalty, Commitment and Service to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood. On the other hand, Brother Kahlil Reu Reyes, who was Noble Grand of the 2010-2011 term, and Sister Karmen Arenas, who was Vice Grand of the 2010-2011 term, were awarded the ‘Most Outstanding member Award’ for their outstanding effort and contributions to the Lodge and its activities. Brothers Ivan delos Santos, Joseph Ian Parreño, Cyril Jaymes Plantilla and Armel Cabale also received the 'Pioneer Award' as recognition for their invaluable efforts and contributions during the early re-formation of the Fraternity. Lastly, Sister Frencille Tabaloc and Brother Jerzon Cañolas received an ‘Award of Recognition’ for their commendable time and support for the activities of the lodge during the the 2011-2011 term. “I had so much fun with brothers and sisters...” said Brother Joseph Ian Parreño. Sister Ivana Canlas, on the other hand, ended the day saying “Thanks! You made our day”.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Decorah Odd Fellows to show off new lodge

DECORAH - The Winneshiek Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodge 58 will hold an open house in its new quarters Sunday.

It is an opportunity for the public to see its new facilities and learn about the fraternal organization, according to Odd Fellows Trustee Duane Vine.

The group has moved from its previous location above T-Bocks to 326 Washington St., formerly the Fashion Floor Center, across the street from the Social Security office. The event will be from 1 to 4 p.m. and will include musical entertainment, refreshments and door prizes.

"We want people to come see what Odd Fellows is about and visit our new lodge," Vine said.

Odd Fellows recently purchased the building, which has three apartments on the second floor. The lodge, which includes a full kitchen, will be available for the public to rent for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.

The history of the Odd Fellows in Winneshiek County goes back to 1854. Today there are about 50 members, according to Vine, who was grand master of the Odd Fellows Lodge of Iowa from 2003-04. He noted the Odd Fellows is the only fraternal organization allowed to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, as provided for by President Franklin Roosevelt, who was a member of the organization.

In 18th century England, it was odd to find people organized for the purpose of giving aid to those in need and pursuing projects for the benefit of all mankind, according to a brochure on the IOOF.

"Those who belong to such an organization were called 'odd fellows.' Odd Fellows are also known as the Three Link Fraternity, which stands for friendship, love and truth," the brochure states.

Today, Odd Fellows is a worldwide fraternal order with more than 10,000 lodges in 25 countries involved in a variety of civic and philanthropic efforts.

Anyone interested in joining the Decorah Odd Fellows should contact Vine, 382-2760; or Dean Holzer, 382-4909.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Odd Fellows in St. Catharines, Canada, mark 165 years : Order pre-dates City of St. Catharines

It’s a club that’s older than the city it resides in. 

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows formed in St. Catharines in 1846, a year after the settlement became a town. St. Catharines wasn’t incorporated as a city until 30 years later in 1876. 

Last week, members of Lodge 16 gathered to celebrate its 165th anniversary, making it the oldest working Odd Fellows Lodge in the province. 

“We’ve been here a long time and have a lot of history in this city,” said Lodge 16’s Nobel Grand Ron Stecyk. 

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows is a fraternal organization with the mission of helping others in the community. Throughout the years, the Lodge has sponsored many local sports teams for youth, provided scholarship funding, and helped with fundraising initiatives. They’ve also been active with the provincial organization’s pet project - Camp Trillium, a camp for children with cancer. In fact, a few years ago when the island that Camp Trillium leases land on went up for sale, the Odd Fellows pooled resources and purchased the land. 

“It’s a cause that’s very important to us and we didn’t want to have to see them move,” explained Jim Edwards, Grand Master for Ontario. 

The  Oddfellows started in 18th century England, at a time when helping one’s neighbour wasn’t very common. 
“Things were different back then, helping others wasn’t a top priority,” said Edwards. “That’s what the Odd Fellows is all about, helping others.” 

The club made its move to North America in the 19th century, taking on the name The Independent Order of Odd Fellows to differentiate itself from the British Oddfellows society. 
While things have changed within the organization over the years, for instance members no longer have secret hand gestures they use to identify one another while on the street, the basic tenents are the same: friendship, love and truth. 

Like many other fraternal organizations, the Odd Fellows has seen its membership numbers dwindling over the last few decades. While in its heyday, Lodge 16 boasted more than 400 members — with the number in the Niagara Region reaching into the thousands — now the number of members at Lodge 16 sits just under 50. In an effort to reach out to a new group of people, the Lodge is starting Ontario’s first youth chapter. On March 31, there will be a charter presented to the youth group - United Youth Group, New Hope Lodge #1. The group will be open to youth in Grades 7 through 12. Peter Panos, Lodge 16’s past Nobel Grand, will be heading up the youth chapter. Stecyk said the new group will reach out to not just the youth themselves, developing a new generation of potential Odd Fellows members, but to their parents as well who may consider becoming involved like their children.

The event on Saturday night saw members from Niagara Falls, Port Colborne and other parts of Ontario coming together in celebration of the Lodge’s anniversary. Stecyk said it was great to have everyone out celebrating together and is looking forward to many more anniversaries.  

EUROPEAN NEWS: Odd Fellow and Rebekah Lodges on the west coast of Norway gave £ 70,000, - to PET / CT Scanner Campaign

Odd Fellow Sam Project, a humanitarian action group of the Rebekah and Odd Fellow lodge, has voluntarily aimed to improve patient stay in hospital for cancer patients. They make the example by serving rolls and coffee for cancer patients. On wednesday, they gave 70,000 kroner for High-tech Medical Foundation Research Fund that collects money for a PET / CT scanner that can detect such cancer at a far earlier stage than today. PET / CT scanner will be donated to the Haukeland University Hospital. 

Fundraising campaign has nearly reached the goal, and the preparations to establish a separate building, the purchase of the scanner and educate the medical staff is already underway. Fundraising campaign has so far been a resounding success, thanks to second generous donors who Trond Mohn, who gave 54 million from Frank Mohn Foundation, an anonymous donor who has benefited from a PET / CT scanner in Germany gave a million plus everyone who bought lykkearmbåndet to 20 million. The same bracelet used for other Fire players including when they won the Cup final 4-1 over the Lightning. Hence the nickname "lykkearmbåndet." 

Odd Fellow Sam Project was started in 1984 by Sverre W. Monsen logemedlemmer by voluntarily serving rolls and coffee for cancer patients at Haukeland Hospital. The project has now evolved to be a staff of around 90 people from the 7 lodges in Bergen, which takes care of the practical work and serving of coffee, tea, sandwiches etc. The measure has in the last 4-5 years has also been carried out on Haraldsplass hospitals and Sunniva Hospice. 

"This gift of $ 70,000 is in respect Odd Fellow Sam Project's 20th anniversary this year for work at Haukeland Hospital. The money was given by the seven lodges of Bergen and the approximately 30 supportive lodges on the west coast, "said Chairman David Thompsen when he presented the check to Svein Allan Pedersen of High-tech Medical Foundation Research Fund.


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March 12, 2011

Despite a busy month for most of us, some of our brothers and sisters of Odd Fellows, Watchdog Lodge no.1, still attended to welcome brothers Joseph Ceriales, 'Jun-Jun' Martinez, Joseph Gemina and Answer Arquio into the initiatory degree of our brotherhood. Several of us met Brothers Joseph Ceriales and Jun-Jun  through Gawad Kalinga Foundation which caters the needs of unfortunate people. Brothers Joseph Gemina and Answer Arquio inquired for membership when they saw our invitation for interested individuals on the internet. And they seem to be a good line-up of new brothers that we can all be proud of. We hope to work with them for the common good and accomplish our functions: First, as a fraternity which aims to promote universal brotherhood, sisterhood, a sense of family and mutual-enjoyment. Second, as a socio-civic organization which aims to cater the needs of the community. Third, as a philosophical school which aims to impart to its members some practical principles of how to live life as an Odd Fellow.

Eversince the Odd Fellows was revived in the Philippines, we are proud to say that Watchdog Lodge no.1 and Mindanao Lodge no.2 have participated in various activities that aim for the common good. It may not be very 'big events' but it was worth the appreciation as those activities we were involved with were truly heart-warming for most of us. If we look back, it was indeed good to see brothers and sisters work together and, when vacant, involve ourselves with altruistic and benevolent activities.

The Odd Fellows really started as an altruistic group of people dedicated to the common good. Hundreds of years ago, the world was filled with challenges. There were very few schools and hospitals. Life was tough, often lawless and desperate. Medicine was still crude and in a primitive stage. Life expectancy was about 45 to 50. There were lots of sickness, orphaned kids, widowed mothers and many people cannot afford to pay a descent burial for the dead.

So, ordinary people from different trades and walks of life found it necessary to group together as brothers and sisters and contribute some of their hard-earned wages to a common fund which they could use for unfortunate times such as sickness, losing a job and even death. When the Independent Order of Odd Fellows was organized by brothers from England in 1819, they made “Visit the sick, relieve the distress, bury the dead and educate the orphans” as the command of our fraternity. Most people may be unaware of the organization's humanitarian contributions because they are usually not publicized and although the world is a bit better now as compared in the past, we bet it is still an honor to continue the legacy of Odd Fellowship.  May we all be proud to be an Odd Fellow and continue making friends while helping people!

For more info: or email

Monday, 31 January 2011

Odd Fellows support police officer riding in Pan Mass Challenge

By Special to the Record
Posted Jan 31, 2011 @ 09:09 AM

Officer Derek Jones accepts a $650 donation from the Odd Fellows
of the North Shore to support his ride in the 2011 Pan Mass Challenge.
Lleft to right, Georgetown Police Chief James Mulligan;
Officer Derek Jones; Julia Jones; Members of the Odd Fellows
of the North Shore: Bro. Edward J. Carroll, PGM; Noble Grand Francis
E. Gayton, PGW; Bro. Charles Teague, Jr., PDDGM;
Bro. Clayton L. Dearth; and Detective Supervisor Thomas DeJoy.
On Dec. 11, 2010, members of the Newburyport Odd Fellows of the North Shore came to the Georgetown Police Department to show their support for Officer Derek Jones, who rides in the Dana Farber Pan Mass Challenge every year. The Odd Fellows presented Officer Jones and his daughter Julia, a cancer survivor, with a check for $650 to support his ride to find a cure for cancer.
“The Odd Fellows of the North Shore are great supporters of the Georgetown Police Department and its members,” said Georgetown Police Chief James Mulligan. “They haveg made several donations in the past to the department and its members for equipment and to support a member’s charity. We want to thank them for their generosity.”

Eastern Arizona Odd Fellows gives away 251 bicycles

By Diane Saunders
Staff Writer
Published on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 9:32 AM MST

The Oddfellows parking lot was transformed
 into a sea of bicycles for the club's annual
Christmas party for children.
The parking lot of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows was transformed into a sea of bicycles given away recently to 251 lucky children. Every year the Odd Fellows gives away refurbished bicycles to Gila Valley children a few days before Christmas.

Chuck Trammell, coordinator for the bicycle giveaway, said the Oddfellows collect donated bicycles throughout the year and take them to the Arizona State Prison-Safford. 

"We go all over to get them," Trammell said.

Prison inmates clean and lubricate bearings, reupholster seats and paint the bikes — making them look like new. As the bikes are refurbished they are placed in donated storage facilities for safekeeping until the Christmas season.

At the annual Oddfellows Christmas party for children, each child is given a ticket with a number. As the numbers are drawn, children holding tickets with corresponding numbers select bicycles.

Trammell said next year the Oddfellows would like to give away more bicycles.

"We're really hoping for 300 next year," he said

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

How Fraternities started in the Philippines?

How Fraternities started in the Philippines?
By Louie Blake S. Sarmiento, Organizational Psychology

In all times and among all nations which have reached a sufficient level of cultural development, there have always been fraternal associations formed for higher purposes. The development of Fraternities can be traced from trade unions or guilds that emerged in England. These guilds were set up to protect and care for their members at a time when there was no welfare state, trade unions or National Health Service. Various secret signs and handshakes were created to serve as proof of their membership allowing them to visit guilds in distant places that are associated with the guild they belong.

However, many of these Guilds were suppressed in the 16th Century. In major cities such as in London, some Guilds survived by adapting their roles to a social support function. Some of these groups evolved in the 1700’s into more philosophical organizations focused on brotherly love, charity and ethical living now known as a Fraternal Order or simply, a‘Fraternity’.

By the late 1700’s to early 1800’s, many of these Fraternal Order’s were transported to America by English immigrants. At that time, these groups served important social, philosophical and insurance purposes. Later, the concept of brotherhood was established in colleges. The first among these are the Flat Hat Club (1750) and P.D.A. Society (1773) focused on literary and scholarship. The oldest Greek-named fraternity is Phi Beta Kappa founded on December 5, 1776 but this fraternity do not have any chapter in the Philippines and also converted into an honor society rather than a social fraternity. By the mid-1800's, fraternal organizations flourished in America and established lodges (chapters) in different parts of the world.

In the Philippines, Spaniards and other colonizers established several Philosophical and Fraternal Societies in our country as early as 1850'sbut these chapters only admitted Spaniards or their own race and did not welcome the natives (Filipinos). In the book, History and Geography of the Philippine Islands (1908), author O.W. Coursey stated:
The awakening of the Filipinos to a deep sense of injustice being practiced upon them by the colonizers was the introduction of 'fraternal' societies in the Islands, and to the influence of higher education obtained by those of means to schools of Hong-Kong and other old-world countries.”
The book mentioned that the Fraternity of Odd Fellows spread in the Philippines in 1872. The Freemason fraternity followed in 1877 brought by the Americans. The lodges (chapters) are also established mostly by military men assigned in Manila. Most members were basically American Military men and their allies who helped fought the Spanish-American war. The fraternity established their lodges (chapters) and held their meetings in naval and military base camps.

The first brotherhood to be founded by Filipinos is the Katipunan, short for Kataastaasang Kagalangalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (Supreme and Venerable Society of the Sons of the People), which was founded by anti-Spanish Filipinos in Manila in 1892. The primary aim of the fraternity was to gain independence from Spain through revolution. As many of us know, the brotherhood already disbanded.

In 1899, the ties between Filipino and Americans was disrupted and the Filipino-American war emerged. When this war ended in 1902, fraternities started to rise again. Odd Fellows, Freemasons and even the Elks established lodges in Manila area.
Later, college fraternities began to form especially when American Education (philosophy) reached our shores. State Universities were the first to enjoy Fraternity Life, particularly in the University of the Philippines, when the first College Fraternity Rizal Center, a brotherhood of Jose Rizal followers and who viewed the hero in iconic fashion, was founded (This fraternity is already defunct). The first Filipino Greek Letter Fraternity, Upsilon Sigma Phi, was founded in 1918. This fraternity is now considered the oldest in Asia and continues to exist up until today but membership is exclusive only to UP Dilliman and UP Los Banos students. The oldest sorority in the Philippines is the UP Sigma Beta Sorority founded on February 14, 1932. Membership is exclusive only to UP Dilliman, UP Los Banos, UP Iloilo and UP Davao students.

The progress of fraternities was again interrupted when Japan occupied the Philippines in 1941. When the Filipino-American-Japanese war ended in 1944, Philippine fraternities started to rise up again and many Filipinos started setting up their own fraternities and sororities.

The peak of fraternalism in the Philippines was probably in the 1950's to 1990's when many fraternities where founded. Several American fraternities were also imported to the country such as the Alpha Phi Omega. Also, some locally founded fraternities made allies with some fraternities in the United States. Afterwards, the rest is history...

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Major O.W. Coursey, U.S. Volunteer, author of the History and Geography of the Philippine Islands 

UP Sigma Beta Sorority:

Upsilon Sigma Phi:


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